Jennifer and the Peacock Photograph by Tim Walker; styled by Jacob K;
W magazine October 2012

Deborah Christensen
Creative Director & Founder

Spending both her professional career and personal travels between Europe, Scandinavia, the US, and ​​​​​​​​44+ countries, Deborah draws from her global business experience, social sophistication, and cultural awareness to bring you White Crown Design. Count on White Crown to deliver fresh and cutting edge trends in art, fashion, entertaining, interiors and cultural offerings.

White Crown Media exists to provide a client-focused service offering social media branding & development, media content curation/knowledge management, and traditional design services.  

Whether it's building a new enterprise media brand across social channels, organizing contemporary efficient workspaces, or transforming tired homes into rooms taken straight out of Italian villas, coordinating extravagant weddings suited for a French countryside winery, or even outfitting a proper Knightsbridge flat in London, Deborah's talents lie in bringing the world and global cultural tastes into your home...quite literally. -SGH, Houston, Texas 

 "I have always said, "If someone asked me to paint a picture of the world I desire to live in, I would tell them to follow designer, Deborah Margaret, owner of White Crown Design." Deborah's work is a true gift to this world. It's MAGICAL!"
MA, Wiley, Washington

 "Hired WHITE CROWN DESIGN to help us from ground zero in our new condo. Deborah’s eyes are worth every cent. We told her we wanted rugged refined and she nailed it”. JMB, Houston, Texas